ReMAPP provides a
broad cross-section of
PCB, PCBA, cable and turn-key manufacturing solutions for these technology industries:

  •  Computers
  •  Wireless Technology
  •  LED Lighting Technology
  •  Telecommunications
  •  Power Supplies
  •  UPS Systems
  •  Automotive Electronics
  •  Medical Equipment
  •  Consumer Electronics

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    18 Years of Excellence


    PCB design, PCB layout, PCB assembly... whatever your needs, ReMAPP is the one partner that can do it ALL, and save you as much 40% over nearly any competitor!

    Major OEMs like Hewlett Packard, IBM , Dell, Canon and many other users of PCBs, PCBAs and FlexPCBs demand the highest quality at the most competitive price, a necessary ingredient to success. ReMAPP can help you achieve the same quality and competitiveness.

    From your PCB prototype all the way through your printed circuit board assembly, we offer unmatched service, design flexibility, price, and turnaround for all your PCB design and manufacturing needs. Our circuit boards will reduce your product manufacturing costs!

    We are a full-service ISO 9002 manufacturer, specializing in:
    • IPC Standard, RoHS compliant multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCB)
    • Printed Wiring Boards (PWB)
    • Flex Printed Circuit Boards (FPCB)
    We manufacture for a variety of technology businesses, including:
    • Contract Electronics Manufacturers (CEM)
    • Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers
    • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for computer, telecommunications, and many consumer products.
    PCB designs can be tailored for any product. Because of our years of extensive PCB design experience and manufacturing, we now offer a complete menu of capabilities.

    Our PCB manufacturing facilities and design professionals are located in the USA and various countries around the globe. Total customer satisfaction is our key priority as we strive to provide continually improving PCB, PCBA and turn-key assemblies including "Buy America" manufacturing services and solutions.

    Major contract manufacturers like Flextronics, Jabil Circuit, Celestica, Plexus and others all rely on obtaining the best quality PCBs and materials and components to fabricate PCBAs and FlexPCBs to produce high quality products for the high volume customers they serve. They do this with competitive purchasing and demanding specifications. ReMAPP provides similar standards and competitiveness with value-added interactive attention  to smaller companies to be successful  with equivalent quality and cost competitive PCBs, PCBAs, FPCBs, cable assemblies and turn-key manufacturing solutions.

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